100% Cotton - Our cotton is always super soft ring spun jersey and never carded open end which is a scratchy, heavy weight cotton not suitable for printing.

Organic Cotton – A soft sustainable fabric, free of pesticides for the eco-conscious wearer. The use of organic cotton is beneficial to the environment as well as the consumer and the cotton farmer. It helps reduce pollution, improves the quality of land and prevents water contamination.  Perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Used in our organic collection. Non –GMO.

Supplex – This quick dry fabric is fade resistant and offers optimal stretch for full range of motion. Often blended with spandex to create the perfect breathable gym wear. Used for our leggings and capris.

100% Polyester- With superior moisture wicking abilities this fabric has a mesh like feel. It’s a durable material perfect for gym wear and features UPF 50 protection. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. Used for our stringer hoodie collection.

Tri-Blend – A light weight, super soft blend of 50% poly 25% cotton 25% rayon that gives the material a subtle multi-hued look. Used for our long sleeve and sleeveless hoodies.

Micro Modal - Made from sustainably grown and harvested European beech wood trees, this fabric has the softness of silk and the breathability of cotton. Compared to Modal, Micro Modal uses a finer fiber that's lighter weight and even softer to the touch, which creates the luxurious knit fabric.

50% Recycled Plastic / 50% Organic Cotton – The perfect eco friendly fabric that utilizes the plastic of recycled bottles and combines with non-gmo USA sourced organic cotton. With all the benefits of our 100% organic cotton. This fabric offers a heather look when dyed. Used in our organic collection.